Our Services

Every job is different so no matter what you need printed, we offer sound advice and expert opinion. We are here to help, particularly if this is your first experience of printing garments or merchandise. If you have any questions about planning your order, large or small, be sure to get in touch.

Pre-press & Print techniques

Colour separations

Screen printing requires that we separate the colours within your design to make screens. The colour separations are included 
as part of the set up fee.

Perfect screen prints

We've been printing for over 20 years so screen printing is what we're famous for. We'll give you sound advice about the best methods and inks to use.

Digital transfers

For high resolution images or short runs, digital transfers have come of age with a soft feel and long lasting wear. We supply and apply these to order.

Discharge & Waterbased Inks

For designs where a soft hand feel and/or vintage look is essential, this ink is the go-to. Discharge inks are for dark coloured garments and waterbased inks for both light and dark.

Foil & Flock

Two of the most impressive embellishments on tshirts for high impact prints.

Graphic design

We have an in-house Graphic Designer to help advise and set up t-shirt friendly designs.

High density & Stack

A true 3 dimensional ink that produces height off the shirt with sharp edges and defined detail.

Metallic Inks

Gold, silver, copper or tints. A classic specialty ink to make your print pop with high shine finishes.

Photo real printing

High detail, realistic graphics using either spot colour or CMYK separations.

Post print services

Australia-wide shipping & logistics

Anywhere, anytime shipping
 within Australia.


Creation and application of barcodes
 to match any format.


Sewing new labels into garments and removing existing labels if required.
Click Here for more information about relabelling.


Arrangement of any embroidery job with our preferred suppliers.

Swing tag

Swing-tagging garments either
 by pin or tagger tail.


Post print enzyme wash, acid wash, stone or sand wash all available to create vintage looks.

Auto ‘AMSCOMATIC’ garment fold & bag

Keeps stock clean and tidy for tours or into stores, using environmentally friendly degradable bags.

Split shipments

Co-ordination of Split shipments to multiple destinations/third parties with comprehensive documentation and tracking processes.

Why Choose Machine?

Outstanding Print Quality

We are chosen by leading brands to produce screen prints that only the bravest would tackle. Technical inks and processes are our specialty.

Experience - since 1999.

You have history and experience on your side. Years of tried and tested systems and processes.

Nike accredited supplier

Rigorously checked and verified, our factory is accredited by Nike and holds a Bronze rating in health and safety for our crew.

Accessible and Central

We’re located in inner city Melbourne and we have an open door policy. We welcome you to come and see where it all happens.

Direct to the source

We’re the printers, not the middle man. We run the show so you know you’re dealing direct with the people that print your garments.

The best of the best

We choose to use the best inks and the best equipment because that translates into the best printing. Inks from Japan and USA, and 12,14 and 16 colour presses made here in Melbourne.

Competitive Pricing

While our choice of suppliers, our printing and equipment are high end, our pricing is not. We buy from our suppliers in bulk and streamline our production so you get a great product AND we can give you a great price.

Quality and Confidence

We’re confident that you’ll be happy with the end result. The process is easy and we take you through step by step so there are no surprises.